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About Us

bsd-logo-aboutWe are a fresh company on the market but this doesn’t mean we lack experience, on the contrary! Our experience and professional expertise where the main ingredients that drove us to building this company!

bsg-logo-aboutWe can do everything required for your business to bloom in the Web – building a modern website, optimizing it for Google and other search engines (SEO) as well as the creation of professional videos and organization of professional photoshoots, all aiming for your success on the market!

Let BioSynthetic Designs Ltd. be your one-stop-shop for creating the professional look of your business as well as its performance on the Internet.
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Our Clients

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web design

Web Design

Design is everywhere around us. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about products, services, buildings or equipment – everything that surrounds us was at first an object of design. The term “Design” is a diverse area of activities, each different than the other.




One of the most important components for a successful business today is its WEB presence and placement. Statistics show that 75% of the world population seek information and shopping opportunities mainly on the Internet.



Graphic Design

Our designers’ team consist of highly skilled professionals which can satisfy your every need. Would it be the design of a flyer, a t-shirt or the calendar for your company – we got you covered!




As with Design, Multimedia also consist of various services we provide – video capturing and processing, building professional videos, audio processing and 3D visualizations and mockups.




Here is what we accomplished so far.

Our portfolio speaks for itself.


Logo Design
Photo Manipulation
Liv Delicious
Wize Procurement
Outsourcing Solutions
One Event Finder
Nivstoy Ltd.
Gutig Group Real Estate
Studio Signora

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